Grading System and Scale

Scholastic standing is determined by the grade point system. A semester grade point average is calculated by dividing the grade points earned by the number of credits attempted that semester. The cumulative average is the total number of grade points earned divided by the total number of credits attempted.

The grading scale for the Consortium program is as follows:

A 4.00 grade points   C 2.00 grade points
A- 3.66 grade points   C- 1.66 grade points
B+ 3.33 grade points   D+ 1.33 grade points
B 3.00 grade points   D 1.00 grade point
B- 2.66 grade points   D- 0.66 grade points
C+ 2.33 grade points   F 0.00 grade points

Other Marks

In Incomplete (no grade points; not computed in the semester or resident grade point average)
W Official withdrawal
PR Progress
XF Unofficial withdrawal (computed as an F)
NR No report received (temporary mark for information only)

Incomplete Grade

Incomplete grades are given at the discretion of the professor. You may receive a grade of incomplete ("I") if you were unable to take or complete the final examination, or complete some limited amount of work due to illness or other unusual and substantiated cause beyond your control.

An incomplete grade must be removed no later than the end of the regular semester following the term in which the incomplete was received, although the professor may set an earlier deadline. Grades of "incomplete" not removed by the deadline date are converted to a grade of F.

Grade Appeal Process

All appeals for a final grade change must be initiated in writing to the course instructor during the semester/term immediately following the semester/term in which the grade was earned. If no resolution is achieved, a written appeal must be made via the UW-Consortium MBA Director.

The faculty member has the opportunity to present a written response to the student's appeal.

The faculty representatives for the UW-Consortium Standards and Assessment Committee will serve as the hearing body. If the faculty representative to the Committee is the faculty member involved in the grade appeal, another representative of that institution shall be chosen by the MBA Director to serve in his/her place.

If resolution cannot be achieved, final recourse would be to the UW-Consortium Executive Committee.

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