Module Courses

These courses are for degree requirements prior to 2020-21. Four content-integrated team-taught, modules reflect situations managers face throughout the business cycle. Module courses account for 16 credits of the required 30 credits for the degree. Learn More - Program Overview | Degree Requirements

Module 2: Developing New Products and Services

Module 2 introduces you to the complexities involved in launching new products/services, business ventures, subsidiaries or divisions within existing businesses.
Two themes predominate in this course: a marketing theme focuses on the identification of and fulfillment of customer needs and a financial theme which explores capital budgeting and long-term financing issues. View course description.

MBA 712  •  4 Credits  •  Duration: 14 Weeks  •  Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Module 3: Strategic Competitiveness in a Global Environment

Module 3 challenges you to develop the critical skills and integrated knowledge necessary to function effectively in today's global environment.
You will analyze the impact of multinational corporate lobbying on geo-political issues and discuss how global agreements, institutions, changing technologies, and evolving political patterns affect the conduct of business. View course description.

MBA 713  •  4 Credits  •  Duration: 14 Weeks  •  Typically Offered: Fall, Spring

Module 4: Focusing on the Future

In Module 4, you will investigate the dynamics of changes and the importance of corporate strategies in determining the organization of the future.
You will explore how to effectively integrate information technology, human resource management, and organizational change practices to chart the future course of the organization. View course description.

MBA 714  •  4 Credits  •  Duration: 14 Weeks  •  Typically Offered: Fall, Spring