Accounting Fnd. for Business Decisions

ACCT 703  •  2 Credits  •  7 Weeks

Accounting 703 (not for MBA credit): Financial Accounting is a graduate-level introduction course in accounting. This foundation course is designed to prepare a student for study in a Master’s of Business Administration program. To begin with, you will learn the basic structure of the accounting system. You will study the concept of measurement, or assign monetary values to economic events, the accounting process, and the basic accounting reports or statements. You will then study in depth generally accepted accounting principles as they relate to an organization’s financing, investing, and operating activities. You will analyze how these activities are reported in the external financial statements.

Course Outcomes

  1. To demonstrate an introductory understanding of the rules, concepts, and principles that guide accounting practice.
  2. To demonstrate a basic understanding of the use of financial statement information and related industry information to make business decisions.

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