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Communicating for Success: Speak, Engage, Lead (Running for final time in Winterim 2019)

MBA 777  •  1 Credit  •  3 Weeks  •  Typically Offered: Fall, Winterim, Summer

The purpose of this course is to enhance students' workplace communication skills. Students and their organizations will benefit as students apply practical strategies to oral and interpersonal communication contexts for nearly any audience. Using their current organizations (or organization of their choice) as a reference, students will engage in discussions regarding communication in the workplace and offer their own samples for critique from other students and from the instructor. Oral and interpersonal communication are the focus of the course, but many of the strategies are ones that are discussed in MBA 773 (the written communication course) well, making these two courses complementary but not necessarily sequential or dependent on completion of the other. The course also includes a brief review of the foundational theories that inform oral and interpersonal communication.

Key take-aways for students include the following:

    • An understanding of the perspectives on the role of oral and interpersonal communication in an organization and approaches to communication in the workplace
    • Knowledge of the factors that affect communication: power, control, values, beliefs, priorities
    • The ability to
      • Analyze an audience and tailor a message to that audience
      • Deliver clear, concise, complete, and coherent messages in an appropriate tone and style for the intended audience
      • Persuade and convince audiences and selling ideas in the workplace
      • Develop appropriate and effective PowerPoint presentations for use in large-group settings
      • Lead efficient and effective meetings
      • Communicate in teams

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