Online MBA Program Overview

The 30-credit online MBA will begin for the final time in 2019-20. We're launching updated degree requirements in 2020-21. Learn More

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Degree Requirements

Our online MBA curriculum combines 16 credits of required core modules with 14 credits of electives to cover general business competencies, while also enabling you to customize your learning experiences based on your individual interests.

Foundation courses, or equivalents, must be taken prior to beginning the 30-credit MBA program. Learn more about our Foundation courses and determine if you have already taken equivalents.

ModulesRequired Modules

16 Credits - View Courses
Modules are team-taught courses that reflect the situations managers face throughout the business cycle.


14 Credits - View Courses
Electives let you explore topics relevant to your needs and interests. You can choose to take courses from a variety of areas to get a general overview. If you choose to focus in a specific area or two, you do not need to officially designate an emphasis/concentration.

Program Learning Goals (Beginning in fall 2018)

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective leaders who can do the following in a global and domestic context:

  • Lead a diverse and inclusive organization.
  • Demonstrate a sense of social and ethical responsibility.
  • Identify and evaluate market opportunity.
  • Create and sustain competitive advantages.
  • Communicate effectively in organizations.
  • Use critical thinking and analytical reasoning to make informed business decisions.
  • Create and maintain a dynamic vision for personal and professional development.

Program Learning Goals (prior to fall 2018)

Upon successful completion of the degree requirements, you will be able to:

  • Recognize diversity as an area of significance in both your personal and professional environment
  • Practice effective respectful leadership skills, as a manager and as a team member, that demonstrate a sense of social and ethical responsibility
  • Anticipate the needs of customers, employees, stockholders, and other organizational stakeholders
  • Secure competitive advantage through an emphasis on quality, technology, and innovation
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills for a global business environment
  • Evaluate organizations and predict their future success through interpretation of their financial data

Not interested in completing the entire MBA program?

Consider these options:

Take individual classes.
You may complete MBA foundation or elective courses for transferring credits to another university.

Contact us to discuss the above options.
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