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Employee Training and Development

MBA 760  •  2 Credits  •  7 Weeks  •  Typically Offered: Summer


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Course Description

The development of an organization’s human resources is becoming more critical as an organization attempts to survive in an increasingly turbulent, dynamic, and competitive global marketplace. This course focuses on: (1) The role of human resource development in maintaining an organization’s competitive position. (2) Identification of assessment techniques that will assist the manager in determining the general training needs of the organization and the specific needs of the employees. (3) Development of practices that will assist managers to transfer training to the workplace more successfully (4) The role of assessment in training. (5) Special topics of interest, such as diversity training and career management.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand recent approaches to training and development.
  • Understand current issues facing the training profession.
  • Apply theories of learning to the training function.
  • Develop a training module.
  • Access a wealth of training information available on the Internet.
  • Communicate about employee training and development.

Course Requirements


Group Project

Individual Project

Synchronous Meetings

Case Studies


Minimum Technology (High speed wired connection; Headset with mic)

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