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Taking Online MBA Classes

An MBA degree is a little easier to achieve with the flexibility of online classes.
Getting a graduate degree is demanding — especially with work, family, and everything else in your life. Online classes are similar to traditional college courses in many ways. You still have a professor, textbooks, classmates, assignments, quizzes, and tests but it's all online!

How Classes Work

Classes are held during a semester timeframe with weekly deadlines for assignments. Your presence will be apparent only if you add to discussions and do the assignments. It is crucial that you keep up-to-date by reading all lecture materials and posted comments before participating in the discussions.

Tech Check

The MBA Consortium program uses Canvas as its LMS (Learning Management System). Canvas is an online system through which all elements of your classes are offered. You will receive updates from your instructor, find your syllabus, calendar, instructor written commentaries and video files, have discussions, deposit and retrieve assignments, and track your progress.

It is essential your computer be setup so that you can successfully participate in your classes. See if your computer is compatible.

Note: Since the Consortium functions in a Windows-based environment, there may be an occasion where software requires a Windows-based machine. In those cases, it is your responsibility to locate a Windows-based machine to access the software.

Do you have
what it takes?

Are you self motivated?

Are you comfortable communicating in writing?

Can you plan ahead so you can keeps up-to-date on readings and assignments?

Are you prepared to actively participates in class discussions and ask questions?

Are you resourceful and can use information sources and technology to find answers?