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Register for Online MBA Classes

The first step in registering for classes is to sign your Payment Plan Agreement. This must be done for each term in which you plan to enroll. To read and electronically sign your agreement, go to:

CampS >> Main Menu >> Self Service >> Payment Plan Agreement

To register for classes, login to the CampS system.
MBA courses are listed under "Masters of Business Admin."

REgister NOW

You will likely want to search on OPEN sections (that is the default) to determine what you can register for, but you can also search ALL sections by unchecking “Show Open Classes Only”.


If you find that the course you want is full (i.e. closed) and you would like to be placed on a waiting list, please contact the MBA office. Once you are on the waiting list, we will let you know if an opening occurs. You would then be able to register for the course. If we have enough students on a waiting list, we will try to add another section either in the current semester or the next semester.

Contact us if you would like to be put on a wait list for a closed session.


Bills are generally created 1-2 weeks before the start of the term and are due roughly three weeks into a term (the exact due date will be listed on the bill). Once your bill is generated, it will be available in CampS and will also be sent to your UW-Eau Claire email account. Please note that when you register for a course after the start of the semester, billing, payment, and assessment dates are already in effect. You can avoid any service and finance charges by making full payment at the time you register. If you choose not to pay at the time of registration, you will need to keep in mind the standard due dates and finance charge assessments. All billing correspondence is done via email, so you need to be sure to check your UW-Eau Claire email regularly.


Advising & Academic Load

Adding & Dropping Classes

Registration Schedule

Fall Semester begins late March/early April

Winterim begins early October

Spring Semester begins late October/early November

Summer Session and Interim begins early February

Have a hold on your account?

The most common hold on an account is for not signing your Payment Plan Agreement. After you sign that, the hold should go away.

If you have other holds and you don’t know what they mean, contact us for more information.