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Advising & Academic Load

Assistance, information, and counsel are provided by staff in the MBA Program Director's office. It is important to consult with us early to determine the best sequencing of classes to move through the program at the pace you desire.

Students Seeking an MBA Degree

Apply for admission to the program as early as possible to receive regular information on available classes, registration dates, etc.

Students Seeking a Business Certificate

Students who have not applied for admission or who are seeking a certificate may contact the MBA Consortium program director's office for planning advice.

Academic Load

The number of credits you take depends on your other commitments outside the MBA program. A full-time student can take a maximum of 9-12 credits per semester and 5-6 credits during the summer session. However, we don't recommend this course load to students who plan to work full-time while in the program. Because most students work full-time, the typical course load for our students is 4-5 credits during the fall and spring semesters, 1 credit during the winter, and 1-3 credits during the summer.

Degree Audit

The degree audit can help you determine what degree requirements you have completed and what requirements are still remaining. Students may request a degree audit by logging into CampS and going to Student Center >> Academics >> click the dropdown for Other Academic >> Degree Audit. A report will appear in a few seconds. Click View report as PDF at the top of the report. Click this button and wait about 30 seconds for the most complete version of the degree audit.


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