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Academic Standards & Assessment Committee

The MBA Consortium Academic Standards and Assessment Committee is responsible for the development, delivery, and assessment of Consortium courses. The Academic Standards and Assessment Committee meets two to three times a year.

The committee's responsibilities:

  • Set and shares standards and expectations for new faculty/teachers.
  • Establish, monitors, and reviews academic standards.
  • Approves modules and electives.
  • Directs/initiates course revision.
  • Approves additions or changes to any aspect of the academic program.
  • Develops, monitors, and reviews assessment.
  • Assumes any additional roles assigned to the committee by the Consortium deans.

The committee consists of the following:

  • The MBA Director of the institutions serving as program manager and one other MBA Director from a partner school. These individuals serve as co-chairs.
  • The MBA director or coordinator from each of the other two partner schools.
  • A faculty representative from each partner school.


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