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Adding & Dropping Classes

Because our classes vary in start date and duration, below are general guidelines about adding and dropping classes.

  • Before the term starts, adding or dropping a class can be done directly through Camps. If dropping, you will receive a full refund.
  • After the term starts, but within the first week, you can add a course through Camps. When adding after the term starts, billing, payments and assessment dates are already in effect.
  • When dropping, the first things to realize are there could be financial penalties, which increase the longer you wait. Review refund information.

    You have ten business days to drop a full term class. Specific deadlines for dropping classes are shown on the student class schedule within CampS by selecting the Deadlines link. After 10 days (for a full term class), you will need to contact the MBA Office. A Change of Registration request form will have to be completed.
  • If you have ONLY ONE CLASS, or are dropping all classes after the term begins, this is considered a term withdrawal. We understand circumstances may arise that require a student to withdraw. If you withdraw from all your courses, you will not have to reapply to the university. Learn more about withdrawing from the university.

If you stop participating in a course and fail to withdraw officially, you may receive a grade of F from the instructor if no extenuating circumstances exist. A student earning a “D+” or lower in a graduate-level course will be dropped from the program.

Contact the MBA Office (888.832.7090 or if you need any clarification, or encounter any problems adding or dropping classes.

Financial Aid

Contact Blugold Central (715.836.3000 or ) to find out about the financial aid impact. You may be required to return funds to the student financial programs and may also be liable for payments made directly to the UW MBA Consortium.


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