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Order Textbooks

There are several options to order your books online.
Custom materials will be available ONLY through the UW-Eau Claire Bookstore.


Order from the UW-Eau Claire Bookstore and rest assured you are getting the correct edition of the textbook along with any supplemental materials that the instructor has required. You can also order any required custom materials at the same time as your textbook order.

Other Options

Some students choose to purchase or rent textbooks from external vendors, such as or in order to save money. If you choose to order textbooks from another source, it is your responsibility to ensure that you order the right materials and that your order is placed early enough that you have materials by the start of class.

Tips for Ordering From External Vendors

  • Be sure to order the correct ISBN so you receive the correct title AND edition. When you identify a book you’d like to purchase, check that the title and edition match what we have listed on our website.
    Click here to find the textbook details for upcoming courses.
  • Check the estimated shipping date. It’s your responsibility to ensure that the textbook arrives before the class begins.
  • Use caution when ordering directly from individuals. Check the review history for the individual to confirm that he or she provides quality books that are shipped in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Do not attempt to purchase a custom textbook from anywhere besides the UW-Eau Claire Bookstore.

Prefer eBooks?

Check out

This website allows you to rent most textbooks at a discount and access them all in one place. You can search, highlight, and take notes all within the eReader tool. The app for smartphones and tablets enables you to access your reading materials anytime from anywhere.

Not planning to use your textbook again?

Consider selling your textbook after the class is done to the same vendors you might also use to purchase or rent.