Planning your Degree

Please see the following tips to help you plan your schedule for the 30-credit MBA program. These tips assume all prerequisites are complete, and you need a total of 30 credits (16 credits from required Module classes, 14 credits from electives).

Download Degree Planning Worksheet (applies to 30-credit program)

If you are on the 36-credit program, click here for more degree planning information.

Tips for Planning your Degree

Where do I start?

You may begin by taking either MBA electives or Modules. Be careful not to start with too many classes. It's usually best to get an idea of what you can handle, then add classes later if you think you can handle the workload.

How long will it take me to finish?

Most students finish the 30-credit degree program in 30-36 months, primarily taking only one class at a time (which is the pace we recommend if also working a full time job). The minimum time to completion is 21 months (finishing that quickly is uncommon). You must finish the 30-credit program within seven years from when you took your first MBA class. Download Degree Planning Worksheet, which includes a sample schedule to finish in 28 months.

How many credits can I take in a term?

For students working full time jobs, we generally recommend the following:

  • Spring and Fall - 4-5 credits
  • Winterim - One credit
  • Summer - 1-3 credits

Students can plan for about 10-12 hours per week per course they are enrolled in.

Financial Aid Minimums - In order to be eligible for financial aid, a student must have a minimum of four credits during spring and fall, or three credits in the summer.

Special Note on Modules - We recommend taking Module 1 without any other classes, to get an idea of the workload. Students generally say that Modules 2 and 3 have the highest workload of all the modules, while Modules 1 and 4 have a lighter workload.

When are Modules offered?

Modules 1-4 run the entire term and are offered in the spring and fall. You can only take one Module at a time.

Can I take Modules in any order?

No. Modules must be taken in order. After taking Module 1, you will be guaranteed a spot in each subsequent module in the following terms, as long as you register for the next class within two weeks once registration opens. If you don't enroll within the two-week window, we can't guarantee you a spot in future terms. You may have to wait until there is an opening in the class you need in a future term, which could push off graduation.

Can I take time off?

Yes. However, because of the module sequencing (described above), be sure to start with Module 1 when you know you can commit to four terms in a row. Outside of the module sequence, it's ok to take time off when needed. If you sit out for three or more years in a row, your account will become inactive and you have to contact us to get it reactivated. You must finish the 30-credit program within seven years from when you took your first MBA class.


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