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Quantitative Business Analysis

MBA 787  •  1.5 Credits  •  7 Weeks  •  Typically Offered: Summer

This course focuses on applied quantitative business analysis and uses Microsoft Excel. The course covers problem solving concepts and techniques, plus effective presentation of analysis results. Critical thinking and analytical problem solving will be stressed throughout the course. Exercises for the course reflect a variety of business disciplines.
While students will learn to use Excel, this is not an Excel Course. The course only covers Excel functions that apply to analysis objectives. Excel has other capabilities that are beyond the scope of this class.

Learning Objectives

  • Build practical business analysis skills, focusing on spreadsheet analyses and some statistical analyses
  • Organize data to represent business situations
  • Solve common business problems (in a variety of subjects) using Microsoft Excel
  • Report results from quantitative analysis, and develop reporting-communication skills so reports and presentations shine.
  • Recognize how quantitate analyses can be used in business decision making and limitations of analyses.

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Summer 2025

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