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Rod • Ormond Beach, FL

Fall 2012 Graduate

I decided not to write my review right after graduation since I wanted to gauge how useful and competitive the education and skills I learned from the Consortium MBA program were in the real, working world. I will honestly say that I have directly and indirectly applied the skills and concepts I learned in the program to daily problems, assignments, and judgement situations in my employment (Health Care), and that many of the course objectives were already applicable to my job while still taking the class. I found the students in my classes to be eager, studious, driven, and team oriented. One of my best classes had our team members from Florida, New York, Serbia, and Indonesia.

My original reasons for choosing the Consortium (and I set up several comparison charts, looking at US and international schools) were for the program's:

  1. Accreditation
  2. Local and National reputation
  3. Student diversity
  4. Schedule Flexibility (not a lock-step program)
  5. Wide array and range of courses and options
  6. Very friendly and (almost, almost always) available support and office staff
  7. Acceptance of prior credit work
  8. Instructors who were readily available by phone or blackboard chat
  9. All-star faculty from several institutions (decreases the likelihood of institutional biases)
  10. Affordability

As a working parent, these conditions were critical for me to complete the program. Other schools may excel in many of these categories, but as a package deal, I truly believe the Consortium MBA program has the biggest bang for the buck (you'll learn that as having the largest "marginal gain") and is truly a hidden gem. I've recommended the program several times to my colleagues, and continue to do so today.