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Tuition & Financing

The current price per credit for a Consortium MBA course (Foundation, Module, or Elective) is $675 per credit, regardless of residency.

Estimated tuition and fees (based on the 2017-18 rate) for the 30-credit MBA program is $20,250. You should budget an additional $2,000 for books and reading materials which will vary in price depending upon the elective courses you select. The cost of any prerequisite courses you may need to take prior to admission to the MBA program, books/materials for these courses, and the cost of the GMAT®/ GRE® General Test is not included in the estimated tuition and fees for the MBA program.

Financial Aid

You may apply for financial aid if you are currently enrolled or applying for admission on at least a half-time basis (four credits during the fall or spring semesters). Because UW-Eau Claire manages admissions for the MBA Consortium, you will apply for financial aid through the UW-Eau Claire Office of Financial Aid. You cannot be enrolled as a "Special Student" and receive financial aid.

You are urged to submit your application for financial aid as early as possible.
To apply, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Subsidized Loans

Subsidized loans, available through the federal government, do not accrue interest or require repayment until after you are no longer enrolled in school on a half time basis. You qualify for a subsidized loan based on financial need, as determined under federal regulations. Although the UW-Eau Claire Financial Aid Office determines the amount you may borrow based on the results of your financial aid application, there are limits as to the annual amount you may borrow each year. Contact the financial aid office to discuss options and learns what's available.

Blugold Central

To learn more about applying for financial aid or federally subsidized student loans, contact:

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