Koo Named 2020 Outstanding Graduate

Posted: July 13th, 2020

Ada KooAda Koo has been named the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium 2020 Outstanding Graduate by the faculty of the UW MBA Consortium program. Koo, a Spring 2020 graduate, was selected from a pool of students who graduated from the program between Summer 2019 and Spring 2020.

While living in Hong Kong, she began her MBA journey in Fall 2016. A year later, she made a move to Australia, where she currently lives. Koo travels frequently and noted that she accessed many of her MBA classes from at least 10 different countries.  Read more about Ada's background

Koo not only excelled academically in the MBA program, but also began pursuing a Ph.D. in Digestive Physiology at the University of Melbourne in Australia two years ago. She anticipates earning her Ph.D. in 2022. She is currently working full-time as research graduate student at the University of Melbourne. A native of Quincy, Massachusetts, she has a bachelor of science degree in Biomedical Laboratory and Clinical Sciences from Boston University and a master of liberal arts degree in Biotechnology from Harvard University Extension School.

Koo also owns and runs her own tutoring business, Tutoring by Ada. She credits her MBA experience as a primary reason for starting the business. "I most likely would not have started my own business if it wasn't for the MBA program," said Koo. "Even though I have a successful and fulfilling career as a research scientist, the MBA program has broadened my professional view and gave me the confidence to venture into something new and different."

Many instructors in the UW MBA Consortium recognized Koo's strong work ethic and exceptional academic background.

Dr. Fred Kolb, a two-time Outstanding Faculty Award recipient for the UW MBA Consortium, summed up what many instructors had to say about Koo. "Ada is an exceptionally talented scientist who brings a highly organized and analytical approach to all of her academic work. She shared her insights and presented her questions so as to move a topic discussion forward in a very effective way. She was always the first to have her work completed, and it was always of the highest level. She stood out in a class of exceptionally fine students. It was a joy to work with her."

Koo is the 12th individual to be named the UW MBA Consortium Outstanding Graduate. View Past Award Winners

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