Faculty Impact - Dr. Jennifer Johs-Artisensi

Posted: October 16th, 2022

Dr. Jennifer Johs-Artisensi, UW-Eau Claire professor of management.

Johs-Artisensi has been teaching the Healthcare Organization and Delivery course for the UW MBA Consortium since 2010 and earned the program's Outstanding Faculty Award in 2021. She published a book titled "Quality of Life and Well-Being for Residents in Long-Term Care Communities" in 2022 and was named in June as the chair-elect for the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Board (NAB) Executive Committee.

MBA students in Dr. Jennifer Johs-Artisensi's Healthcare Organization and Delivery course bring their outside experiences in clinical and non-clinical positions into class discussions. Those experiences allow students to relate to coursework as healthcare consumers or caregivers.

"It gives our class discussions texture," Johs-Artisensi says. "Our consumers shed light on frustrations with wait times or access issues, our clinicians weigh in on reasons staff are leaving, those with administration roles weigh in on what's been tried or barriers, our non-health care supply chain gurus offer up examples from industry and the varied perspectives are thought-provoking."

In addition to being a professor of health care, Johs-Artisensi is chair of the national organization that oversees licensing, credentialing and regulation of administrators of long-term care organizations. The role positions her well to share contemporary challenges facing the health care system.

Johs-Artisensi enjoys the fact that although most of her MBA students have been using the healthcare system all of their lives, and many work within it, they all leave her class with a better understanding of the different pieces that comprise it.

"Because we have many working adults in the class, in one discussion there are always a handful of students who bring up the challenges associated with caring for their aging parents," Johs-Artisensi says. "I'm happy when they can leave the class with a greater understanding of things like Medicare and Medicaid or publicly available tools to compare health care organizations' star ratings. And now I'm happy I can offer them one more resource - the consumer checklist in my new book, 'Quality of Life and Well-Being for Residents in Long-Term Care Communities.'"

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