Reese Named 2019 Outstanding Graduate

Posted: July 2nd, 2019

Cassidi ReeseCassidi A. Reese has been named the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium 2019 Outstanding Graduate by the faculty of the UW MBA Consortium program. Reese, who graduated in Spring 2019, was selected from a pool of students who graduated from the program between Summer 2018 and Spring 2019.

Reese, who resides in Ridgecrest, California, attended the U.S. Naval Academy where she graduated with a physics degree and was commissioned in 2004. After graduation, she attended flight school and was winged as a Naval Flight Officer in 2006. In 2011, Reese graduated from the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School and completed her Master of Science degree in systems engineering from the Naval Postgraduate two years later.

During her time in the UW MBA Consortium program, Reese worked with faculty from all four Consortium partner campuses. Dr. Parag Dhumal, associate professor of business from UW-Parkside, shared, "She had demonstrated analytical and decision-making skills in fairly complex problems. Her writing is logical, well-structured and easy. Very good professional communication skills."

Reese stated she choose the UW MBA Consortium program "because it provided a highly-ranked, cost-effective, flexible option to do so. The asynchronous format of the program was a perfect fit for me while I spent several months at sea and at training detachments. I was able to complete assignments on a timeline that worked for me." With no previous business experience, Reese appreciated the breadth of electives offered in the program and sharing experiences with so many diverse and talented people working in different industries from around the world. Having spent her entire professional career in the military and defense industry, "it was especially interesting for me to listen to perspectives from those outside of the industry," Reese said.

Reese is currently on her second flight test tour, developing advanced systems and capabilities for the F/A-18. She plans to use her recently earned MBA degree to incorporate best practices from the business world in defense acquisitions. "I will use my new-found business acumen, in conjunction with my operational experience and technical knowledge, to ensure that we are acquiring and supporting affordable capabilities that meet the needs of our front-line warfighters."

Reese is the 11th individual to be named the UW MBA Consortium Outstanding Graduate. View Past Award Winners

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