Alumni Impact - Craig Grzendzielewski

Posted: October 16th, 2022

Craig Grzendzielewski
UW MBA Consortium graduation: 2017
Occupation: Medical outcomes and analytics director, Pfizer, Inc.

Dr. Craig Grzendzielewski credits his Doctor of Pharmacy training with giving him the skills to be an excellent clinician.

When Grzendzielewski was looking for additional skills and knowledge in leadership, strategic planning and operational management to advance into leadership positions, he turned to the University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium.

In his role as a medical outcomes and analytics director at Pfizer Inc. around the Chicago area, he works on a population health team and partners with health systems and medical groups to improve patient outcomes. This includes everything from physician education to working on large scale quality improvement initiatives.

"Much of my current role involves engaging with key stakeholders at various health systems and strategically identifying ways to partner with them and advance patient care at their health systems," Grzendzielewski says. "This requires a sound understanding of not only the health care environment, but the drivers of health system decisions; things like financial dependencies, quality metrics, or even organizational structure and resources. The MBA program, along with my pharmacy residency training, gave me the foundational tools necessary to excel in a position like this."

The UW MBA Consortium program helped hone Grzendzielewski's organizational leadership skills, including communication, strategic planning and various aspects of business planning. The UW MBA Consortium courses helped build his skillset to be successful in a variety of positions.

Grzendzielewski would "absolutely" recommend the UW MBA Consortium to people looking to advance in their careers.

"The ability to choose areas of focus in the degree was a huge draw for me," Grzendzielewski says. "Additionally, the flexibility to manage my course load around my professional career was extremely important. I also really enjoyed interacting with my peers who were in very different fields and learning from their diverse perspectives."

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