Meeting Notices

Posted: March 14th, 2023

Executive Committee

The MBA Consortium Executive Committee is responsible for the oversight of the MBA Consortium program operations. The Executive Committee consists of the dean or their designee from each of the Governing Partner business programs, a non-voting representative from each campus, and Consortium administration. The Executive Committee meets twice per year.

February 27, 2023


  1. Roll call 
  2. Approval of November 11, 2022 minutes
  3. Discussion and approval of marketing strategy
  4. Campus Updates
  5. Admission, enrollment, and financial report
  6. Discuss approval of 2023-24 budget
  7. Approve plans for use of carryover funds
  8. General program updates
    1. Staffing update
    2. Renewing the academic director position
    3. Strategic initiatives
  9. Schedule future meetings
  10. Adjourn

Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee

The MBA Consortium Academic Standards and Assessment Committee is responsible for ensuring the quality of design, delivery, and assessment of Consortium courses. The Academic Standards and Assessment Committee meets monthly during the academic year.

March 17, 2023

Meeting Agenda

  1.      Call the meeting to order
  2.      Roll call
  3.      Approve minutes from the February 17, 2023, meeting 
  4.      Update regarding progress on the Health Care Management pathways 
  5.    Anticipated Executive session: The committee will entertain a motion to convene in executive session, pursuant to s.19.85 (1)(c) to discuss faculty performance/course evaluations. The committee may take action in executive session. 
  6.    Adjourn

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